Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Car Paint Sealants

Your car looks amazing after a brand new paint job. If you want the bright and shining colors to last for a long time, you need car paint sealants. Nanolex Wholesale Distributor sells car care products, car care supplies and car sealants. We use an innovative nanotechnological design on what is called the lotus effect. It involving coating three microscopic layers to protect your car’s color.

Because a lotus flower employs hydrophobic coverings, it protects the surface of its leaves. Then, microscopic bumps are applied to the leaf’s surface which is very smooth. Now, the water rolls off of the flower and takes the unwanted dirt with it. Our car paint sealants work in a similar fashion. The applied area is now self cleansing.

The great part about our car sealants is that they do not only work when applied to cars. Along with sealing your car’s paint, our products can also be coated to protect:

  • Glass
  • Alloy
  • Leather
  • Textiles

We were founded in Ommersheim, Germany in 2007. Our quick success in Europe has allowed us to branch off throughout the world. We offer the best car care supplies on today’s market. Our products are designed for private and professional uses. By using or car sealant, it will make your car more difficult for dirt to bond to. It will also make your car easier to wash.

We sell our products wholesale world wide. Our distributors are located in the United States, Australia and South Korea. If you would like to purchase any of our Nanolex car paint sealants, call 201-800-4271 and we will provide you with any information that you may require.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Car Care Products

It seems that extreme weather is more common now than it has been in previous years.  Every year almost guarantees a hurricane and a major blizzard with many smaller, but still intense rain and snow storms mixed in between.  Whether you realize it or not, this weather will take a toll on the body of your car.  The moisture, dirt, and rocks thrown around can do permanent damage and even make driving through any precipitation very dangerous.  Nanolex has developed a line of car care products to help drivers protect their cars from the elements.

Although you may park your car in a garage at the end of the day, your car is still exposed long enough to require some protection.  One of the best in our line of high quality car care products are our car sealants.  Taking advantage of something known as the lotus effect, our car sealants will not only form a barrier between the water and your car’s body, but it will help the rain roll right off of your car.  This will help to prevent rust and provide you with better visibility on the roads.  Each car care product we sell is both affordable and requires minimal effort to apply.  

Mother Nature is never going to take it easy on your car because severe weather is a fact of life.  However, there are steps you can take to protect your car and keep it looking great for many years to come.  To learn more about Nanolex’s car care products and to speak with one of our car care experts, give us a call today at 201-800-4271.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Car Sealants

Although the levels may vary, everyone has some sort of devotion to their cars.  For status, comfort, and practical reasons, your vehicle holds an important place in your life.  While you might not necessarily take a bullet for your car as some people might, you still probably want to protect it as best as you can.  To preserve the look and well-being of your vehicle, Nanolex offers high quality car sealants to keep your car looking great in any element.

The greatest benefit to our customers with Nanolex products is our nanotechnological design relying on something known as the lotus effect.  A lotus flower is made up of hydrophobic coverings that actually serve to protect its leaves.  Instead of water collecting and becoming too heavy for the plant, water will actually roll off of the leaves.  Seeking to mimic that, Nanolex’s car sealants do the same for your vehicle’s external surfaces.  Rain and snow that rolls right off of your windshield instead of collecting will help you see better when driving through inclement weather.  It will also prevent any scratches or other external damage that comes from the elements.

Taking small steps to maintain your car will go a long way.  Protect the life of your vehicle and make driving safer for yourself by taking advantage of our car sealants.  To learn more about our car care products and how they can help you, give Nanolex a call today at 201-800-4271.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Car Care Products

When you first buy a car, don’t you love the way it looks so clean and new and even has that new car smell?  You want to drive it every chance you can to show everyone what you now own.  Although, this period never seems to last very long does it?  Eventually, that new car smell will fade, but there is no reason your car’s great appearance should fade too.  Nanolex has been providing customers with car care products for many years to protect their vehicles.

Over the years, your car endures a lot from weather, dust, and other factors in the environment that can wear down the vehicle’s exterior.  Paint chips and leads to rust, windows become dirty and make driving conditions unsafe, and tiny pebbles lead to cracks in the windows.  All of this can make your car less safe and more expensive as the repair bills start to pile up.  Nanolex’s vehicle maintenance products are designed to reduce the environmental wear on your car by protecting it.  Our unique three-layer film is incredibly strong, durable, and smooth.  Our car care items are extremely easy to apply and offer effective protection.

Others may judge you solely based on the car that you are driving.  Avoid being seen in a “rust bucket” and take some proactive steps to prolong the life of your vehicle.  To learn more about Nanolex’s auto care products and how they can help you, give us a call today at 201-800-4271.

Auto Glass Sealant

If you find yourself having trouble driving through winter weather, rain or snow, consider purchasing an auto glass sealant from Nanolex to solve the problem.

Nanolex is a world-wide, wholesale distributor of professional car care products that is located in Ho Ho Kus, NJ. Since 2007, we have developed and manufactured many types of car products from our company base in Ommersheim, Germany, including sealants and cleaners.

To help you drive through the winter weather more safely, our professionals at Nanolex have utilized advanced nanotechnology to creating a coating that will protect your car's windshield by forming a unique, permanent barrier against water, oil and grime. With the vehicle glass sealant developed by Nanolex, your visibility in the car can be drastically improved.

With the sealant we gave created, you will not have to use your windshield wipers or fluid as much as you used to before using our glass sealant for cars. Our product lasts for at least 18 months or for 30,000 km.

Another benefit to using our product is that when driving through rainy weather, if you exceed 40 km/h (about 25 mph), the rain drops will be blown off of the windshield because of airflow.

We have tested our sealant in the Germany endurance race cup VLN on the Nürburgring. It applies easily and it works! When applying our sealant, 3-6 ml is enough to cover the entire windshield.

While the winter carries on, let us help you improve your driving performance with our sealant. Do not risk rain or snow obstructing your vision while driving. To find out more information about our auto glass sealant, contact our professionals at Nanolex at 201-800-4271 today!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Car Glass Sealant

Between rain, dust, bugs, and everything else in the air, your car’s windshield takes a lot of daily abuse as it protects you from the elements.  The glass installed in your car is usually very strong and is designed to handle everything nature throws at it, but some maintenance is still required.  A windshield that is not properly kept clean will not only look bad, but can also be dangerous by affecting your driving.  Nanolex has car glass sealant to keep your vehicle’s glass clear and easy to clean.

Since 2007, Nanolex has been creating products to maintain the quality and safety of your cars.  Our ultra vehicle glass sealant is the newest addition to this product line and has a wide array of benefits.  The sealant coats the glass, requiring you to use the windshield wipers less and letting you space out your window washes a little longer as well.  

Keeping water and other undesirable substances off of the glass means that you will have better visibility at all times.  This is especially helpful during this time of year when winter weather can be unpredictable and dangerous to drive in.  Raindrops will actually blow off of your windshield with the airflow your driving speed creates.

Although the auto glass sealant accomplishes a big feat, you only need a small amount of the product to last you around a year and a half of driving.  It is a purchase with long-term benefits.

Prepare yourself now for unpredictable road conditions by using Nanolex’s vehicular glass sealant on all of your vehicles’ glass surfaces.  For more information on what our sealant and the rest of our products can do for your vehicle, give us a call today at 201-800-4027