Monday, January 7, 2013

Car Glass Sealant

Between rain, dust, bugs, and everything else in the air, your car’s windshield takes a lot of daily abuse as it protects you from the elements.  The glass installed in your car is usually very strong and is designed to handle everything nature throws at it, but some maintenance is still required.  A windshield that is not properly kept clean will not only look bad, but can also be dangerous by affecting your driving.  Nanolex has car glass sealant to keep your vehicle’s glass clear and easy to clean.

Since 2007, Nanolex has been creating products to maintain the quality and safety of your cars.  Our ultra vehicle glass sealant is the newest addition to this product line and has a wide array of benefits.  The sealant coats the glass, requiring you to use the windshield wipers less and letting you space out your window washes a little longer as well.  

Keeping water and other undesirable substances off of the glass means that you will have better visibility at all times.  This is especially helpful during this time of year when winter weather can be unpredictable and dangerous to drive in.  Raindrops will actually blow off of your windshield with the airflow your driving speed creates.

Although the auto glass sealant accomplishes a big feat, you only need a small amount of the product to last you around a year and a half of driving.  It is a purchase with long-term benefits.

Prepare yourself now for unpredictable road conditions by using Nanolex’s vehicular glass sealant on all of your vehicles’ glass surfaces.  For more information on what our sealant and the rest of our products can do for your vehicle, give us a call today at 201-800-4027

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